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Simulations for learning about SH analysis The software can create artificial SH frames for analysis, enabling users to learn quickly about the system
Design of telescope using analytical theory Often it is useful to have a quick look at a particular telescope design, without having to do ray tracing. Given 4 parameters, the program prints out the characteristics of a telescope with Cassegrain or Gregorian configuration (Ritchey-Chretien, Classical or Dall-Kirkham) in terms of
  • Field aberrations
  • Sensitivity of telescope due to misalignment (decentering and tilt) of the secondary mirror
  • Sensitivity of telescope to despace errors between primary and secondary mirrors
MTF, PSF and EE from diffraction theory It is useful to be able to compare the results obtained from the SH analysis with theoretical ones obtained from diffraction analysis. The software can compute MTF, PSF and EE for any combination of the following components:
  • perfect mirror
  • aberrated mirror
  • ripple on the mirror surface
  • micro ripple on the mirror surface
  • pixel error
  • seeing error
  • pointing error
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